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15 Things Your Hair Tells About Your Health
Why You Should Add Biotin in Your Diet
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Best hair tips for styling curly hair
Hair Growth Treatments and Remedies

Hair Growth Treatments and Remedies

  There are lots of hair growth treatments and remedies…

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The dp viso is easy to use, with amazing features and offers accurate analysis of the skin. The results are amazing and it helped us increase our sales thru its products and treatment recommendation feature.

Naomi ChanSalon Esthetic New York

Chowis’ ds harris features advanced analysis of hair loss, scalp sensitivity, hair thickness, and many more. These features are exactly what we were looking for, until we found this amazing device. Not only that the device and software are easy to use, the overall aesthetics are eye pleasing and professional-looking as well.

Jessica KimHair Connection Seoul

Dermoprime Kyro is an advanced skin and hair diagnostic device with amazing features that will take your beauty, hair care and skincare game to the next level. I am loving this device, its features allow me to track the progress of my skincare products,  analyze my skin with advanced skin-analyzing algorithm, and recommends products and treatments to address my skin condition.  This compact device has everything you need at your fingertips, A high resolution camera, & accurate analysis of both skin and hair!

Mihaela BucurBloom Town Med Spa, Bucharest

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