CHOWIS is Launching a new AI-Based Contactless Skin Diagnostic Technology

Seoul, Republic of Korea – Chowis Co., LTD a leading skin and hair care device innovator is launching a new contactless AI-based skin diagnostic technology.

This new technology is made possible by years of research and development conducted by CHOWIS in partnership with global R&D institutes, and a way to promote contactless skin diagnosis in light of the current global pandemic situation that everybody is experiencing.

The new Ai-based technology is called mySkin Choice. It is a multi-platform skin diagnostic service that can analyze multiple skin parameters. At this moment mySkin Choice can analyze up to 10 parameters: Pores, Impurities (such as Acne, Dirt, Excess Oil, Blackheads) Wrinkles, Spots, Sebum, Moisture, Skin tone, Skin Score, Skin type, and Dark Circles.

Chowis understands that the new normal will drive consumer demand to a safer and yet accurate skincare services. This sudden change of direction is not only an opportunity for businesses, but an opportunity to improve the overall skincare industry.

People will start to use smartphones, tablets, and skincare devices more than ever to protect themselves from being exposed to others. This is where the AI-based contactless skin diagnostic technology of mySkin Choice comes in.

mySkin Choice can analyze your facial skin using the front camera or the back camera of your smartphone, tablet, miro viso, or web browser. Thanks to Chowis’ information-rich BIG DATA, mySkin Choice diagnosis is powered by AI-Technology that utilizes an advanced algorithm backed by this BIG  DATA.


The deep-learning-based skin analysis technology dramatically improves diagnostic performance by automatically extracting features of complex and precise skin images, and comparing their differences. Image analysis by AI algorithm is superior to the traditional image processing-based analysis. Automatically classfying skin parameters using images is a challenging task because skin parameters such as pores or wrinkles differs a lot  in shape and sizes. However Chowis has successfully been able to develop this advanced AI feature.

Chowis has long been in the field of skincare innovation, developing products and services for well-known brands like L’Oreal, P&G, Estee Lauder, Amorepacific, and Nivea. Recently, Cellreturn- a leading premium home care brand in South Korea has launch a new AI-Based software system developed by CHOWIS Co., LTD. This new product of Cellreturn is currently in Beta version but it’s expected to pave the way for future AI-based technology in premium home market.

Through the development of AI algorithms in mySkin Choice, the diagnostic performance of various skin analyzers has been improved, and it is expected to be continuously introduced into the beauty and medical image diagnosis sector because it has a higher diagnostic performance index than any other quantitative analysis methods so far.

Online Skin Analysis

What’s next for the AI-Based diagnostic technology and when is the launching date?

mySkin Choice is going to be a multi-platform skin diagnostic service, wherein every individual who’s looking to understand and improve their skin condition will be able to do so.

In addition, Chowis is currently testing new AI-based scalp and hair diagnostic technology to further address that growing need of the industry.

These new developments will be your new skin and hair care companions, at home, and anywhere you go.

mySkin Choice is compatible to Smartphones, Tablets, and Miro Viso – Chowis’ own Home Skin Smart Diagnostic Mirror.

mySkin Choice will be available starting July 2020.


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