Advanced Hair and Scalp Diagnostic Mirror

Your professional hair and scalp diagnostic expert

Premium design

Up to 5 hair and scalp parameters

Designed for Professionals & Concept Stores

Multiple parameters that produces accurate results

Advanced algorithms

Recommends products and treatments



  • The Technology

    Wireless capacitance hydration measurement synchronized with the app

    Advanced hair and scalp diagnostic parameters


    home scalp diagnostic mirror



Smart Hair and Scalp Diagnosis Solution

Hair Diagnostic Mirror : Miro Harris is an advanced hair and scalp diagnostic system with unparalleled technology. The Miro Harris combines stylish and sophisticated design for fast and easy use with a cloud-enabled database of hair and scalp images using multi-spectral imaging and proprietary image processing software. Miro Harris is designed to be your interactive smart mirror assistant dedicated to keep your hair and scalp healthy all the time.

Miro Harris is the ideal partner to help captivate your clients’ attention at first glance, boosting your sales and enhancing your products & brand.

Compact Design & Easy To Use

–The User Experience

Produces non-scary images, precise algorithm results and clear results readings

The Software Experience

Miro Harris’ Dermobella App provides advanced parameters and algorithms that helps the hair and scalp diagnosis.


–Multiple Parameters and Fully Wireless

The Miro Harris is packed with multiple parameters: hair thickness, hair density, scalp sensitivity, and scalp keratin (dandruff).

–Results Sharing, Comments, and Product Recommendation Feature

The Miro Harris makes it easier to share the diagnostic results via email, or by using your favorite social media channel. In addition Miro Harris provides Product and Treatment Recommendation feature to address the specific hair and scalp condition shown on the results page.

  • The Design

    Ergonomic design
    Aesthetically pleasing
    Designed for home or professional use


–Advanced Diagnostic Mirror Benefits

  • Ergonomic and premium design
  • Simple, EASY, convenient to use to assist beauty counselors or dermatologists
  • FAST installation, pairing, image acquisition and results processing
  • NEW, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, modern, trendy, consultation with pixel precise algorithm results
  • USER CENTRIC AI-powered system
  • PRECISE optical Algorithms and hydration measurements
  • LOW COST, for high quality mechanics and software
  • RELIABLE production with robust quality control
  • CLOUD CONNECTED software for extended digital solutions

–Integrative solution for hair and scalp analysis

  • Tech expertise – Optics, LED, Algorithms, power management, & AI
  • Compact, ergonomic, premium design for concept stores
  • The Users

    ㆍHome Use


Hair and Scalp Diagnostic Mirror: Packed with professional full hair and scalp consulting software.

The system includes up to 5 hair and scalp analysis with complete CRM(Customer Management)

  • Customer registration and history traction
  • Automatic Product recommendation
  • Data Comparison




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