Mobile Skin Analyzer

Up to 5 parameters

Compatible with most Smart Phones

Available on iOS and Android

Designed with portability in mind

Lightweight and with premium feel

Easy to attach

By using a magnetic strip

  • The Technology

    Mobile Skin Analyzer – Wireless capacitance hydration measurement synchronized with the app

    BLE – Easy Automatic pairing with Bluetooth Low Energy)

    Low battery consumption


Mobile Skin Analyzer : DermoPico is designed with portability and accuracy in mind, the  minimal concept design of dermoPico allows you to bring it anywhere you go, making it the ideal partner for your business needs. The cosmetology and dermatology industry, and research institutes will benefit a lot from this new offering from Chowis. The next big thing in Mobile Skin Analysis is now here, make sure to join the wave.



  • UVL mode: Blackhead, White heads, Impurities
  • VSL mode: Wrinkles, Pores
  • Moisture Sensor: T Zone Moisture/U-Zone Moisture

Mobile Skin Analyzer

Compact Design & Easy To Use with Smartphone

–The User Experience

Mobile Skin Analyzer: produces non-scary images, precise algorithm results and clear results readings

The Software Experience

Dermopico Skin App provides advanced parameters and algorithms that helps the skin diagnosis, available in both iOS and Android.

Mobile Skin Analyzer Mobile Skin Analyzer


–Moisture Sensor and Sebum Analysis

The DermoPico Mobile Skin Analyzer is packed with advanced moisture sensor, and sebum analysis feature that are both unparalleled in the industry today. 

–Results Sharing, Comments, and Product Recommendation Feature

The DermoPico DPI Viso makes it easier to share the diagnostic results via email, or by using your favorite social media channel. In addition DermoPico DPI Viso provides Product and Treatment Recommendation feature to address the specific skin condition shown on the results page.


–3-D display for pores and wrinkles

DPI Viso features advanced lighting technology that penetrates the pores, this helps us to generate non-scary 3D imagery of the pores, and wrinkles. By doing this it will make it easier for the user to understand the gravity of the skin condition.

  • The Design

    Ergonomic design

    Aesthetically pleasing

    Designed for home or professional use

Mobile Skin Analyzer dermoPico Benefits!

  • MINIMAL, ergonomic & compact design, that can be used with any smartphone
  • Simple, EASY, convenient to use to assist beauty counselors or dermatologists
  • FAST installation, pairing, image acquisition and results processing
  • NEW, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, modern, trendy, consultation with pixel precise algorithm results
  • USER CENTRIC customizable app for IOS and Android
  • PRECISE optical Algorithms and hydration measurements
  • LOW COST, for high quality mechanics and software
  • RELIABLE production with robust quality control
  • CLOUD CONNECTED software for extended digital solutions

Integrative solution for microscopy skin analysis

  • Tech expertise – Optics, LED, Algorithms, power management, BLE
  • Small, ergonomic, light add-on accessory for any smartphone
  • The Users

    ㆍHome Use

    mobile skin diagnostic device
Mobile Skin Analyzer

Mobile Skin Analyzer : Integration with mobile platform, professional full skin consulting software.

The system includes up to 5 skin analysis with complete CRM(Customer Management)

  • Customer registration and history traction
  • Automatic Product recommendation
  • Data Comparison

DermoPico Skin App

Our DermoPico Mobile Skin Analyzer is supported by a new professional system for measurement, cosmetic treatment, and recommendation of skin products. DermoPico Skin is the most advanced range of measuring equipment, which offers fast, completely tailored service, catering to each customer’s needs. It automatically carries out a complete diagnosis of the main parameters: For skin: Moisture, Pores, Wrinkles, impurities, and skin type. The DermoPico system uses a single device with built-in lenses. You use the DermoPico Skin sensor on its own and do not need to switch any accessories. That makes the analysis process more convenient and as fast as possible. The system also tells you the course of treatment and products that may work best for each customer based on their analysis results.




Power Supply
Input: 100-240V/
Output: 5V, 2·5A
Battery450 Lithium-ion Battery
Product Size25 x 40 x 9 (mm)
Analysis Results
Index per measurement (0-99)
Optic ModeVSL


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