Looking for Skin Analyzer?

DermoPico Personal Skin Analyzer details below.


DermoPico Skin Analysis

DermoPico Personal Skin Analyzer produces non-scary images, precise algorithm, results, and clear results reading. The technology has wireless capacitance hydration measurement synchronized with the app and BLE(Easy Automatic pairing with Bluetooth Low Energy).

Skin Analysis is designed with portability and accuracy in mind, the  minimal concept design of DermoPico allows you to bring it anywhere you go, making it the ideal partner for your business needs. The cosmetology and dermatology industry, and research institutes will benefit a lot from this new offering from Chowis. The next big thing in Mobile Skin Analysis is now here, make sure to join the wave.



The Personal Skin Analyzer that’s light, compact and handy. This smart skin diagnostic technology innovation provides complete skin analysis with guaranteed accurate results. Skin care professionals and brand consultants’ must have handy tool!

The technology keeps your work environment clean and clutter-free. It has portable camera and the wireless diagnosis system connects handset and tablet/mobile phone.