Advanced skin diagnostic system make the products stand out among the rest. Its sophisticated design for fast and easy use allows free mobility. Built with its own sterilization set up in its dock, the DpViso, one of the products,  provides a wide range of skin analysis unmatched by any other. This is absolutely ideal for any dermatological professional and brand consultants.


Skin analysis app is a new professional system for measurement, cosmetic treatment and recommendation of skin care products.

Skin diagnostic app is the most advanced range if measuring equipment, which offers fast, completely tailored service, catering to each customer’s needs.

The skin analysis app automatically carries out a complete diagnosis of the main parameters: For skin” Moisture, Pores, Spots, Wrinkles, Impurities, Keratin, and Skin Type. The DermoBella system uses a single device with built-in lenses. You use the DermoBella Skin sensor on its own and do not need to switch accessories. That makes the analysis process more convenient and as fast as possible.

The system also tells you the course of treatment and products that may work best for each customer based on their analysis results.

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Skin Diagnostic Software


Skin Analysis App

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Skin Diagnostic Software

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