Smart Skin Analyzer

Up to 10 measurements

Compatible with most Smart Phones and Tablets

Available on iOS and Android

Ergonomic design and advanced features

Lightweight and with premium feel

Fully Wireless

Battery lasts for hours

  • The Technology

    Keeps your work environment clean and clutter-free

    Portable camera with embedded rechargeable battery

    Wireless diagnosis system connects handset and tablet/mobile phone



Smart Skin Diagnosis Solution

dsViso is an advanced skin diagnostic system with unparalleled technology. The dsViso combines stylish and sophisticated design for fast and easy use with a cloud-enabled database of skin images using multi-spectral imaging and proprietary image processing software. dsViso is the ideal partner to help captivate your clients’ attention at first glance, boosting your sales and enhancing your products & brand. Check out the rest of our products.

Compact Design & Easy To Use with Smartphone & Tablet

–Smart Skin Analyzer Easy To Use

-Bidirectional communication link between dsViso and mobile/tablet

-Automatic camera mode selection

-User-friendly interface


–One Single Multi-Spectral Optical Unit for Multiple Measurements

  • Standard Skin Measurement:
    Hydration, Sebum, Pores, Wrinkles, Spots/Pigmentation, Impurities
  • Professional Measurement:
    Hydration, Sebum, Pores, Wrinkles, Spots/Pigmentation, Impurities, Keratin
  • Expert Measurement:
    Hydration, Sebum, Pores, Wrinkles, Spots/Pigmentation, Impurities, Keratin, Skin Tone, Blackhead, Skin Sensitivity

–Various Wi-Fi Functions

-Real-time image display via Wi-Fi

-Send your personal diagnostic results via social media

-Share your skin diagnostic results via email with comments


–Multiple language support

DermoSmart Viso smart analyzer offers smart analysis of your skin in multiple languages. Change the language by simply going to the settings and choosing your preferred language.

  • The Design

    Ergonomic design

    Aesthetically pleasing

    Designed for home or professional use

–Smart Skin Analyzer Benefits

-MINIMAL, ergonomic & compact design, that can be used with any smartphone or tablet

-Simple, EASY, convenient to use to assist beauty counselors or dermatologists

-FAST installation, pairing, image acquisition and results processing

-NEW, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, modern, trendy, consultation with pixel precise algorithm results

-USER CENTRIC customizable app for IOS and Android

-PRECISE optical Algorithms and hydration measurements

-LOW COST, for high quality mechanics and software

-RELIABLE production with robust quality control

-CLOUD CONNECTED software for extended digital solutions


–Integrative solution for microscopy skin analysis

  • Tech expertise – Optics, LED, Algorithms, power management, AI-Powered
  • Small, ergonomic, and smart analysis
  • The Users

    ㆍHome Use

    Mobile Skin Analyzer

Professional Diagnostic Software

Accurate analysis of high resolution images with 20+ LEDS and backed by a reliable R&D team, DermoSmart’s analysis results are well tested and accurate.

Software comes in three versions Standard, Professional, and Expert giving you the right option that you need,






Power supply

Input: 100-240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Output: 5 V, 2.5 A
Maximum size
Handset: 15 * 6 * 7 (cm)
Stand: 19 * 21 * 10 (cm)
Handset: about 150 g
Stand: 661 g
Measuring method

Use measurement values from 0 to 99 subdivided for each analysis category
Image Mode
Moisture, pores, pimples / pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, keratin, oils
Skin measurement lens only5 megapixel image sensor
Various image modes composed of 20 or more LEDs
Easy shooting and real-time streaming transfer
Supported ProtocolUSB2.0 / Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n / NFC


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